Staying Alive – Hands-Only CPR Overview

Summer Safety is still of utmost importance. Swim season is in full effect!Summer Safety

ALWAYS monitor children closely whenever swimming- even if they are good swimmers!! A buddy tag system is a great idea. You can also create a name tag or badge to be worn by the adult responsible for watching the kids in the pool as a reminder. Be sure to pass the tag to another adult when you plan to step away or do something distracting.

 Summer SafetyDrowning does NOT look like it does in the movies. There may be NO frantic splashing around but rather a drowning person may just quietly sink to the bottom of the pool. So you must be vigilant about monitoring the pool.

Anyone with or caring for small children should seriously consider getting proper CPR training. However, anyone can help someone in need even if not certified in CPR or if your CPR training was a long time ago. Bad CPR is better than no CPR. Strictly doing chest compressions without administering breaths is actually helpful. The chest compressions actually cause some flow of air in and out of the lungs and may be sufficient to sustain life until trained help arrives. In fact, recent recommendations have changed. It used to be that after calling the emergency assistance number (911), opening the airway (A) was the first step followed by administering breaths (B) and then chest compressions (C). Also known as the ABC’s of CPR, Airway, Breathing, Compressions. Now, however, it’s CAB, Compressions, Airway, Breathing. So you see administering chest compressions can be vital. Please watch the video above by the American Heart Association for a brief demonstration of Hands-Only CPR. Check with your local Red Cross about accredited CPR classes and certification. Go ahead and ask how to donate some blood to the Red Cross while you’re at it! Who knows have many lives you may save that way too! ?

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Take Home Tidbits 

  • Bad CPR is better than no CPR
  • Someone drowning may just quietly sink to the bottom without frantically splashing around
  • Chest compressions alone may be enough to sustain life until trained help arrives
  • Your local Red Cross can help you find accredited CPR classes


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American Red Cross

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