Mommy Made, MD has grown! Due to popular demand we are now offering Office Hours for Health and Wellness Consultations.  We will now be known as The M Center for Integrative Medicine! We offer consults via Telemedicine consults as well. Don’t worry! We will still share informative, holistic wellness information but now we can offer personalized solutions. If you have already signed up for our informative newsletter here, you will remain on our mailing list.  Come on over to and sign up for a free 15 minute consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Doctor is in!

Here’s to happy, healthy living and bigger and better things!

About Mommy Made, M.D.

Maia Walton, MD, CEO and Founder of Mommy Made, M.D. is a licensed, Board Certified Physician by training and a Stay At Home Homeschooling Mom by choice! She keeps her clinical skills up to par by reading incessantly and working in the evenings at a local urgent care after her husband comes home from work. The founding of Mommy Made, M.D. has allowed her to fuse two of her favorite passions, Modern Medicine and Mother Nature, so she can meld the best of both worlds and share her joy. She loves family time, cooking from scratch, creating, homeschooling, shopping, and her new venture, gardening. Come join the journey to health and well being with a trusted Doctor and Mom by your side! Here's to Happy Healthy Living!