Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt! Or Do They?!


Have you ever noticed that equipment at playgrounds today doesn’t move?! AT ALL?! Well THAT is a problem. Kids today are NOT getting enough movement. It’s bad enough that some schools have eliminated PE and shortened recess to next to nothing. Then we add insult to injury and expect kids to sit still in hard chairs all day at younger and younger ages. KIDS NEED TO MOVE.  That’s why they are fidgeting in their seats incessantly by the end of the day.  Movement and play facilities normal growth and development of their neurological and musculoskeletal systems.  Too many kids today are lacking in those areas.

Remember see-saws or spinning around and around and around on the carousel? Well, that stimulated the vestibular system in your brain which controls and develops your sense of balance.  Swings do the same thing with the benefit of an awesome core workout to boot! Fortunately swings haven’t been completely put out to pasture at playgrounds yet.

Due to a more litigious society and risk of liability I guess playgrounds have become more and more static (and stagnant) over the years.  But what about Four Square or Patty-Cake? Do kids play those types of games anymore? Cheering? All of these develop strength, timing, coordination, and sequencing.

But wait…There’s more! More and more kids are becoming myopic (near-sighted) as well due to spending too much time on electronic devices and not enough time outdoors looking at things far away!

All is not lost. We just have to make a deliberate effort to shut down all of our electronics and play! Make it a family or group activity. Go outside – weather permitting – and move something! Splash in the rain puddles! Build a snowman or have a good ole snowball fight! Find an indoor playground or trampoline gym when the weather truly isn’t on your side. Get creative and play some of the games that you did as child. Joggle your memory a bit and let loose your inner child. Fun will be had by all!


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Take Home Tidbits

  • Kids need movement for proper development
  • Kids are becoming near-sighted from not going outside and looking at things far away

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