Nature + Nurture + Knowledge

Nature + Nurture + Knowledge Nature + Nurture + Knowledge Nature + Nurture + Knowledge

Two of the things that significantly changed the trajectory of my life are when I became a Doctor and when I became a Mom. Medical School and Residency were chock full of information but becoming a mother took what I thought that I knew to a totally different level. When I was expecting, I started cleaning up my world to prepare and pave the way for my new bundle of joy. By the time I had my second child and we began to experience some health challenges, I thought “there has got to be a better way!”  I dove head first into any and every book, text book, and medical journal that I could get my hands on and slowly but surely we dug our way out step by step by further changing our diet and environment and we have never felt (or slept) better!  Modern Medicine definitely has its place but most of what we did simply entailed using things that grow from the ground or eats the things that do. By connecting the dots of my formal education foundation to what I learned reading and researching with my “new eyes” I began to put the pieces together to “a better way”. I learn something “new” almost every day.  I firmly believe that with a few changes we can live a fuller, healthier, happier life with more vitality and energy than we’ve ever imagined and I’m here to show you how!
Come join me on this joyful journey to health, and well-being!